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# md122 Voskhod-2 Belyaev-Leonov 1965 medal

65 mm diameter Moscow Mint made bronze artwork comemorative presentation medal for Voskhod-2 historic flight of cosmonauts Belyaev and Leonov.It was no public distribution and this is original from 1965. Medal from archives of Leonov. Front side depicts profiles of both cosmonauts- commander of ship Pavel Belyayev and space walker Alexei Leonov.Below their portraits reads the names of cosmonauts.And around the front side of medal reads: First in the world enter of outer space from the ship. 18 march, 1965, Voskhod-2. Reverse side of medal depicts Alexei Leonov during his famous 20 minutes space walk. Check availability and price by e-mail or call.
 # md122            Voskhod-2 Belyaev-Leonov 1965 medal 1

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