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Welcome to my collection

Soviet/Russian Aviation and Space Collectibles

Rare pieces, once owned by cosmonauts, pilots, museums, engineers, designers and officials of the USSR and Russia. I have literally thousands of unique items that commemorate the glorious accomplishments of Soviet/Russian aerospace history.

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This site presents unique items from an extensive collection built during many years and first presented to Western collectors in 1990. Several artifacts in the collection are flown in space, received as gifts from cosmonauts. I have designed and produced flight emblems and patches for friends- cosmonauts to use on Soyuz and ISS flights. Unique Space Art performed by famous Soviet cosmonauts-artists A.Leonov and V.Dzhanibekov presented in collection as well. There are one of a kind presentation souvenirs,models and medals from launch team officers of Cosmodrome Baikonur;presentation models of production and experimental aircraft, custom hand made by actual aircraft producers model departments.