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# pf119 Soyuz TM-4/MIR flown 365 days photo

From archives of cosmonaut Musa Manarov flown photo cancelled on board with handstamp and hand notared by Manarov `Board of orbital station MIR`. Signed and dated 25.12.1987 (second day on MIR).Photo depicts from left to right Manarov-Titov-Levchenko. The third MIR resident crew, Titov and Manarov accomplished the world`s first year long space mission.In addition to space manufacturing and astronomical experiments, they performed three EVAs.Researcher Anatoliy Levchenko was a Buran shuttle pilot and returned back to Earth 8 days after flight.Few months after Levchenko died of a brain tumor. Photo depicts cosmonauts in day of launch december 21, 1988.
 # pf119            Soyuz TM-4/MIR flown 365 days photo 1

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