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# avpatch105 TU-160 `Ilya Muromets` strategic bomber pilot patch

Patch issued for pilots of TU-160 strategic bombers borts 05-06/Ilya Muromets.TU-160 aircraft 05 and 06 named after mythical Russian popular hero Ilya Muromets.This name came from old Russian folclore.Ilya Muromets protected the nation from all kinds of enemies. These particular planes along with other TU-160 bombers Emgels-based (bort 01 Mikhail Gromov, bort 02 Vasiliy Reshetnikov, bort 04 Ivan Yarygin) were prepared for an air parade over Moscow on the occasion of 50-th anniversary of vistory over Germany on 9 May 1945; Aircraft No.05 took part in the parade piloted by then-Commander in Chief of the Russian Air Force, Colonel General Piotr Deynekin. But there is another Russian historic bomber aircraft had name `Ilya Muromets`-1913 Russian-Baltic carriage-building plant produced the 4-engined bomber `Ilya Muromets`, the largest in the world plane of that time.At the plant already worked young Igor Sikorskiy and brought by him from Kiev friends-Adler, Klimiksyeyev, Kudashev and Serebrennikov. This old famous `Ilya Muromets` bomber depicted on the patch as well below Russian Air Force flag in center.And design of the patch follows the idea of great continious traditions in Russian bomber aircraft and names given to them. On the top of the patch reads `Dalnyaya Aviatsiya` (Long range aviation) and on the sides white/blue/red Russian National flag.

 # avpatch105            TU-160 `Ilya Muromets` strategic bomber pilot patch 1

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