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# fc180 Soyuz T-5/Salyut-7 flown cover

USSR Cosmonaut Mail cover signed by both cosmonauts of this 211 days world`s record flight to new Salyut-7 station in 1982: commander Anatoliy Berezovoy and board engineer Valentin Lebedev.Cancelled with blue pentagonal handstamp `Board of space station Salyut-7`. Also signed and hand notared by Valentin Lebedev `Board of station Salyut-7`. Mission scheduled to last four months with a possible extension.Ultimately, they spent seven months in space, hosting two visiting teams, deploying a scirntific satellite, performing spacewalks, in addition to other medical, engineering and scientific work.They returned to Earth aboard Soyuz T-7 in the midst of a raging Russian blizzard dark night time.
 # fc180            Soyuz T-5/Salyut-7 flown cover 1

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