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# fc162 Soyuz-36/Salyut-6 Hungarian flown covers

Hungarian covers issued for USSR-Hungaria Intercosmos joint flight 1980 with special issue Hungarian stamps were taken on board Soyuz-36 by Hungarian pilot Farkas.Team Kubasov-Farkas joined Popov and Ryumin (main station crew) on may 27.Next day Farkas cancelled one of these covers with Hungarian on board Salyut-Soyuz handstamp dated 28 may 1980. This cover autographed by Soviet commander Valeriy Kubasov and by Bertalan Farkas. Second cover was already signed before flight by Farkas and his back up Hungarian cosmonaut Bela Magyari.This cover Farkas cancelled on board with Hungarian handstamp dated 3 june, 1980 (last day of stay on Salyut-6).cosmonauts returned to Earth in Soyuz-35. Both covers came from archives of Soviet commander of this flight valeriy Kubasov.
 # fc162            Soyuz-36/Salyut-6 Hungarian flown covers 1
 # fc162            Soyuz-36/Salyut-6 Hungarian flown covers 2

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