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# sm540 RAKETOPLAN space plane

Experimental manned space plane designed by Chelomei.This technical solution was completely original and received a patent.This design would re-enter the atmosphere in a heat shield container, wich would be jettisoned after the space craft had passed through the period of maximum heating.wing wings would then be deployed, and the space craft would glide to a horizontal runway landing.The heat shield itself was shaped like an asymmetric cone.This shape could provide lift during the re-entry and manoeuvre with the assistance of rudder petals at the base of the cone.This approach reduced aerodynamic resistance during re-entry and reduced the hot structure of the RAKETOPLAN by ejecting the heat shield after re-entry. Contact for price
 # sm540            RAKETOPLAN space plane 1
 # sm540            RAKETOPLAN space plane 2
 # sm540            RAKETOPLAN space plane 3

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