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# zhopa029b Mi-8 helicopter

Mil-8 helicopter model in scale 1/200.Extremely detailed miniature of famous Soviet/Russian helicopter.

The greatest Mil helicopter ever built was the Mi-8 Hip. The first Mi-8 flew in 1961, and the helicopter entered production in late 1965. Over 10,000 Mi-8s of many different variants were produced. The Mi-8 was nearly as popular as the

 Mi-8s have been armed with rocket launchers and anti-tank guided missiles. They have been equipped as executive transports and as command posts. They have also been fitted as electronic warfare helicopters with equipment and antennas for jamming enemy radars and radios. The primary user of the Mi-8 was the Soviet military, and when the Soviet Union collapsed in the late 1980s, Mil's production of the Mi-8 dropped from hundreds a year to a few dozen a year, nearly all for export.

American Bell UH-1 Huey (of which 15,000 were produced) and was widely exported. The Mi-8 had two engines and a five-blade main rotor. Its cabin had a rear door that dropped down to allow people or equipment to be unloaded. It was a big helicopter, capable of carrying up to 36 fully armed troops.

The Mi-8 has been used as an assault helicopter, equipped as executive transports, and as command posts. The primary user of the Mi-8 was the Soviet military. The Soviet Mi-8 Hip was the greatest Mil helicopter ever built. Over 10,000 of many different variants were produced

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