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# ci296 Greetings from board of ISS

During joint Russia-USA flight Soyuz TMA-2/ISS-7 commander Yuri Malenchenko sent Greetings addressed to friends and enthusiasts of Cosmonautics.I`ve asked Yuri about such possibility to say Hello and Best Wishes to people, who are great supporters of Manned Space Flight and Yuri kindly accepted request.

Five of the listed images depict Yuri on board of station with typed Greetings and Personal badge of sender-Pilot-Cosmonaut of Russia Y.Malenchenko.You will notice Greetings sent to American astroanut Alan Bean and big enthusiasts of Cosmonautics on both sides of Atlantic (Jerry and Christy Taintor, Jack Barron in the USA, and John Ffoulkes and Phill Parker in the UK).

These people are not only space memorabilia enthusiasts and collectors, but also devoted their time to Space and science education, providing lectures and space memorabilia exhibition for children and general public.

From original jpg files transmitted from orbit large 12 x18 photographs were produced and after return from flight Yuri kindly signed and inscribed these pictures for mentioned people.

Some Greetings were addressed not only to specific person, but to entire Family and now proudly displayed for all family members.And these Special pictures will always remind about historic Russia-USA joint flights and personal Greeting from Expedition commander.

After end of mission people often asked me `How`s Yuri doing? When speak with him, please say Hello from all of us!`

And when we speak with Yuri on the telephone, he always says: `Say Hello from me to everyone, Thanks and Warmest Wishes!`

Photos with Greetings addressed to myself and family members, same as Birthday Congratulations from friends on orbit I also proudly display in my Californian house.

And I hope they will continue to be a Family Treasures years from now for my children too.
 # ci296            Greetings from board of ISS 1

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