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# ci294 Soyuz TMA-3/ISS-8 Kaleri-Foale Greeting

Large photo depicts ISS-8 expedition crew: commander Michael Foale and flight engineer Alexander Kaleri. Image made on board of Russian section of the station three days prior return from their almost 195 days mission.Michael holds in hand designed by myself KALERI-FOALE MKC-8-ISS badge/patch. And on return Michael Foale and Alexander Kaleri signed and inscribed large photo.Alexander used a blue ink pen for inscription in English language.Michael did it with red ink pen Russian language(To FAMILY OF ALEXANDER PANCHENKO WITH BEST WISHES.ISS-8 COMMANDER MICHAEL FOALE, 26 MAY, 2004).It was a special gift addressed to my family and specially to both children. And for us this is a great honour to have this treasure picture on display in the house. Michael Foale was born in England in 1957- a year when Space Exploration started with launch of Soviet Sputnik-1.He became a scientist and NASA astronaut.A veteran of 6 space missions, including long-duration flight on Russian station MIR, Michael became the U.S. record holder for most cumulative time in space having logged 374 days, 11 hours on orbit. Alexander `Sasha` Kaleri after this flight logged 610 days on orbit and 5 EVA-s.It was his fourth mission after three previous long-duration flights on MIR station.Since 1979 Energia Corporation engineer Kaleri participated in developing design/technical documentation and full-scale tests of the MIR station.And along with Sergei Zaletin he flown to final mission on MIR (Soyuz TM-30/MIR-28 in 2000).Interesting that he also logged 22 flight hours piloting the L-39 AF training aircraft. Alex and Michael.Two great men, served a second 2 crew (Russian and American) ISS expedition, flown to and from station aboard Russian Soyuz TMA, while Shuttles grounded after tragic loss of Columbia
 # ci294            Soyuz TMA-3/ISS-8 Kaleri-Foale Greeting 1

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