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# h047 Rocket Launch Key

Soyuz rocket launch key flown on Soyuz TMA-4 and carried on board ISS during Expedition-9 by mission commander Gennady Padalka as symbolic souvenir and photographed floating in zero gravity next to Root Module LADA.First picture depicts actual key with photograph signed by mission commander G.Padalka.Original key is actual key used by Cosmodrome Baikonur launch team to start engines of rockets of all generations: from early Sputniks rocket carriers to Vostok, Voskhod, Soyuz and Proton rockets.Each space launch at Soviet/Russian cosmodromes Baikonur and Plesetsk started from such key.Some of them I had from Baikonur launch team general Vladimir Katayev and colonel Alexander Boltenko (veterans of cosmodrome, participated in all major launches from Sputnik in 1957 and up to Energia-Buran launch).Couple of such keys were in archives of former Chairman of the USSR Cosmonautics Federation, Pilot-cosmonaut Anatoliy Berezovoy.Keys were presented to launch team veterans during 25 years anniversary of Launch Team and first Space launch (Sputnik).Keys were presented along with special issue medal.Medal is listed as separate subject. 60 mm diameter presentation medal issued by Cosmodrome Baikonur in 25 years anniversary of first space launch celebration (Sputnik-1) 1957-1982 and anniversary of Baikonur Launch Rocketery Team. Front side of medal depicts launching Vostok rocket carrier, wich brought to orbit first 6 Soviet ships.On reverse side of medal depicted Soyuz-Salyut space station, launch key and reads `25 years of launching team of cosmodrome Baikonur`. Medals were presented to veterans of team and current officiers in service during celebration of this anniversary.As souvenirs along with these medals rocketery officiers received original Starting keys used during manned launches by cosmonauts. Same keys received USSR Cosmonautics Federation as well.
Millions could hear a famous command during the launch: Key to Start!!!This command goes to launch team, which use such key to begin launch of the rocket just like people start an automobile.
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