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# spp096 Flown Personal Patch of Cosmonaut Y.Shargin

Flown on Soyuz TMA-5/ISS Personal patch of First Space Forces cosmonaut Yuri Shargin autographed by Yuri on reverse side is one of few pieces Yuri requested from me to design and produce to carry in this flight.He demonstrated this patch next to Soyuz TMA-5 patch I produced for crew about the same time, right after it was clear that third seat in Soyuz will be taken by Yuri.Photograph depicted Yuri with both patches signed by Yuri as well.Picture depicts him on board Russian segment of the International Space Station.This unique photograph also shows on walls next to portraits of Gagarin and Tsiolkovskiy limited edition lithographs of cosmonauts Dzhanibekov and Leonov( a little gift from me sent to crew on board)
Personal patch of Yuri Shargin is a simple graphic design piece including two elements:Russian Space Forces Emblem and Wing with words PILOT COSMONAUT YURI SHARGIN KV RF (Space Troops, Russian Federation).Patch made as combination of silk and gold wire embroidery with exclusive sharp details of Space Forces Wing.
 # spp096            Flown Personal Patch of Cosmonaut Y.Shargin 1
 # spp096            Flown Personal Patch of Cosmonaut Y.Shargin 2

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