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# sprnt150 Cosmonaut-Artist Dzhanibekov Space Welding artwork

16 x11.5 inches limited edition of 500 lithograph personally signed and numbered by autor-Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov. This lithograph was also delivered on board of International Space Station by Soyuz TMA-5 and is a part of station interior.Picture depicting Soyuz TMA-5 cosmonaut Yuri Shargin also shows this print on board ISS. Space Welding artwork of Dzhanibekov based on his memories from 3.5 hours EVA performed together with First woman in outer space-Svetlana Savitskaya (depicted on artwork), when Soyuz T-12/Salyut-7 flight commander Dzhanibekov along with Savitskaya performed first scientific welding experiments outside station on July 25, 1984.Svetlana Savitskaya was the first woman to do a space walk and along with Vladimir she went into open space to test a hand-held tool for welding, cutting, and soldering metals.In open space Svetlana first cut a sheet of titanium, then welded two metal pieces, and then at the end of the session she used the tool as if it were an atomizer to spray a very thin layer of metal like that on a cassette tape. Almost 20 years after this mission I`ve discussed with Vladimir Dzhanibekov possibility of creating graphic (chalk) artwork depicting Svetlana Savitskaya during this historic EVA.And artwork was done along with 500 limited edition prints, signed and numbered by autor.I`m proud to own this original artwork and all lithographs/prints signed by autor V.Dzhanibekov. Presentation took place in The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow in August 2003 (second image depicts Dzhanibekov and myself with Space Welding artwork) and Vladimir Dzhanibekov also inscribed the idea of artwork in his letter (third image). Together we`ve decided to present signed print to Cosmonautics Museum in Moscow, National Air & Space museum in Washington, Dzhanibekov`s Soyuz T-12 team partners Savitskaya and Volk. Print was also presented to famous cosmonaut and first space artist Alexei Leonov. Limited number of these exclusive prints will be available to the museums, space exhibitions and private collectors. Availability and Price check by e-mail or call. Name of Vladimir Dzhanibekov well known worldwide not only as a name of famous Space explorer, but also as the best graphic space artist. Dzhanibekov was born in 1942.Twice Hero of Soviet Union, USSR Pilot-Cosmonaut.He participated in five space missions as flight commander.Twice he was a captain of International space crew.His Soyuz T-13/Salyut-7 space station rescue mission became most dangerous and most difficult space mission in history. Dzhanibekov took up painting in his childhood.Art albums, postal stamps and postcards have been published on the basis of his works.He also was an autor of illustrations to a number of books.Member of the USSR (now Russian) Union of Artists.
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