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# fc224b Soyuz TM-12/MIR-9 flown cover

Cover from flight archives of cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev spent over 311 days on orbit during Soyuz TM-12/MIR-9 mission.Cancelled with three onboard MIR station handstamps (two on front side and dated stamp on reverse).On front signed and hand notared FLOWN SOYUZ TM-12 MIR, KRIKALEV.Also signed by Krikalev on reverse side next to dated 20.05.91 handstamp.With handstamps cover was cancelled on 20 May, 1991- day of docking Soyuz TM-12 with MIR station.Soyuz was launched on May 18, 1991.On board ship Soviet cosmonauts Krikalev and Artsebarskiy had a British citizen Helen Sharman, who spent 6 days aboard MIR complex and returned to Earth with MIR-8 crew Afanasyev and Manarov.

Artsebarskiy and krikalev, the ninth resident MIR crew, performed six separate EVA`s, including one on July 27 that required Krikalev to rescue Artsebarskiy.

Cover was issied for International philatelic exhibition TO THE STARS `91 (dedicated 30 years of Yuri Gagarin flight).And was cancelled during this event with special handstamp of exhibit.Month later this cover was taken on board Soyuz TM-12 by Sergei Krikalev. .Please check availability prior ordering.
 # fc224b            Soyuz TM-12/MIR-9 flown cover 1
 # fc224b            Soyuz TM-12/MIR-9 flown cover 2

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