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# ma610 A.Leonov art card A Lunar Peak

Artwork desribed on reverse side (in Russian and English) by artist Alexei Leonov: This is not yet a picture from the life but, no doubt, a faithful reproduction of the extraordinary lunar formation-the mount Phyton in the vicinity of the Sea of Rains, the area where our Lunokhod-1 operated successfully for a long time. Card flown on board Soyuz TMA-2/ISS.On board of space station mission commander Yuri Malenchenko cancelled card with onboard handstamps on both sides:small round stamp of ISS-7 expedition, main stamp of ISS and large round stamp with date 28 April, 2003 (docking Soyuz TMA-2 with ISS and first day aboard station).Signed card on both sides as well.
 # ma610            A.Leonov art card A Lunar Peak 1
 # ma610            A.Leonov art card A Lunar Peak 2

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