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# fc236a Soyuz TM-16/TM-17/MIR

Covers flown on board MIR with Soyuz TM-16/MIR-13 crew Gennadiy Manakov and Alexander Poleschuk signed by both cosmonauts and Soyuz TM-17 arrived team Tsibliyev, Serebrov, Haignere (France). Each cover cancelled with 6 onboard handstamps including large round French onboard stamp delivered by French cosmonaut Haignere, two round purple ink stamps of MIR-13 team Manakov-Poleschuk and three standart MIR on board stamps, including dated one. Cosmonautics Day cover pictured Energia-Buran has all stamp cancellations on front side.Stamp with date 22.07.93-Day of departure of Soyuz TM-16/MIR-13 expedition. Second cover cancelled with 4 stamps on front and two on reverse.Dated stamp 03.07.93-day of undocking Progress M-18 ship and same time docking at the same port new arrived Soyuz TM-17.
 # fc236a            Soyuz TM-16/TM-17/MIR 1
 # fc236a            Soyuz TM-16/TM-17/MIR 2
 # fc236a            Soyuz TM-16/TM-17/MIR 3

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