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# fc170f Soyuz T-4,Salyut-6 osmonaut Mail rare flown

Soyuz T-4 (12 March, 1981) USSR Space Mail cover depicted Soyuz T-4 cosmonauts Kovalyonok and Savinykh and also commemorated 20 years of Gagarin flight has attached Soviet 6K stamp XX Years of Cosmonaut Training Center. This cover was taken aboard Soyuz T-4/Salyut-6 and flown 74 days with cosmonauts Kovalyonok-Savinykh, conducted a bonus mission aboard Salyut-6, which had already exceeded its design lifetime.Cosmonauts were visited by two Intercosmos teams, including USSR-Romania Soyuz -40 team. During this visit a round Romanian on board stamp was placed on cover.And cover also cancelled with 3 Soviet on board stamps. Both cosmonauts signed cover as well.
 # fc170f            Soyuz T-4,Salyut-6 osmonaut Mail rare flown 1

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