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# fc043 Soyuz TM-3/TM-4/MIR flown Greeting

One of 20 Greetings carried on board space station MIR by board engineer Soyuz TM-3 Alexander Alexandrov.Alexandrov flown 160 days on station and returned back to Earth on board Soyuz TM-4. On board Greeting page was cancelled with MIR stamp and also signed by Alexandrov and hand notared BOARD OF STATION MIR, A.ALEXANDROV. Greetings printed for cosmonauts with purpose to congratulate with National holiday of Great October Revolution.This holiday celebrated in Soviet Union each year on November 7-8. Text of Greeting printed in red: HONORED _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (Space to write a name) PLEASE ACCEPT OUR DEEP CONGRATULATIONS WITH HOLIDAY OF GREAT OCTOBER. WISHING YOU SUCCESS IN WORK, GREAT HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND WELL-BEING. USSR PILOT-COSMONAUTS: ----------- Because during holiday period Alexandrov served on board of MIR, he decided to take 20 Greeting pages to fly and after to be presented as Flown.
 # fc043            Soyuz TM-3/TM-4/MIR flown Greeting 1

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