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# mp112b Ye-152M (Ye-166) experimental aircraft.

Mig Ye-152M (identified as Ye-166) was a purely experimental aircraft designed to carry small foreplanes, like the Ye-6T and Ye-8.It had a bulget, fuel carrying dorsal spine,a modified centerbody with four cone angles, and a low-profile, low-drag canopy. Apparently, it was used to test air-to-air missiles at high Mach numbers, and it may have been modified as a test bed in support of Ye-155 or Mig-25 program. In October 1961, under the cover designation Ye-166, the Ye-152M was used to set a speed record of 1,491 miles per hour over a 100 kilometer course: in July 1962, the same aircraft set a world`s air speed record of 1,665 miles per hour (Mach 2.51), the first Soviet aircraft to do so.The record-breaking aircraft was described as a monoplane, with a single TRD MK P-166 engine, but other than that was a complete mystery in the West. The Ye-152M was exhibited at the Domodedovo air show in July 1967 and now survives at the Monino air museum. Model 15 inches lenght, with detailed pilot cabine, detailed fuselage, landing gears down.Can be displayed on stand with MIG logo or on own wheels. Availability and price check by e-mail or call.
 # mp112b            Ye-152M (Ye-166) experimental aircraft. 1
 # mp112b            Ye-152M (Ye-166) experimental aircraft. 2
 # mp112b            Ye-152M (Ye-166) experimental aircraft. 3
 # mp112b            Ye-152M (Ye-166) experimental aircraft. 4

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