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# ma344 Soyuz TMA-2/TMA-1 flown pennant

9 x 6 inches commemorative pennant issued by Space Corporation Energia for Soyuz TMA-2-ISS-Soyuz TMA-1 flights in 2003 depicts Soyuz rocket carrier between National flags of Russia and USA, emblem of Energia Corporation below rocket and in the center around image of the ISS names of cosmonauts and astronauts flown on Soyuz TMA-2/TMA-1. This commemorative pennant was taken by Soyuz TMA-2 flight commander Yuri Malenchenko on board of Soyuz to the ISS. On station he cancelled pennant with two onboard stamps and signed as well. Only one flown on board. Questions are welcome.
 # ma344            Soyuz TMA-2/TMA-1 flown pennant 1
 # ma344            Soyuz TMA-2/TMA-1 flown pennant 2

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