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# ep096 Be-2500 amphibian-Ekranoplane

17.5 inches wing span Beriev Design Bureau heavy resin model of Be-2500 huge machine weighting 2500t(5,500.000 lb) at take-off is afurther development of the Be-1200(Be-2000) layout. It combines the properties of a traditional seaplane (flying boat) and a WIG Ekranoplane vehicle, being capable of flying both in ground effect and at high altitude. The basic specifications of the Be-2500 are as follows.Powerplant: six Kuznetsov NK-116 turbofans; maximum payload, 1000t (2,200,000lb);cruising speed in high altitude 10 km (32,810ft), 700 km/h; in ground-effect mode, 450 km/h;ferrying range in high-altitude flight, 17,000 km(10600 miles). First project presented by Beriev factory at Hydro Aviation Show 2000 in Ghelendzhik in September 2000. This project is a long-term prospective design not intended to be implemented in the immediate future.It is presumed that such ultra-heavy aerial vehicles may be used for transportation on tranatlantic and tranpacific routes. The unique potential of Design Bureau named after Beriev with regard to designing and producing hydroplanes in any weight category and for any duties (including Ekranoplanes) called forth a very unorthodox idea of creating a maritime space complex (MSC) designed to tackle a wide range of tasks of global scope.This complex would make it possible to launch any space objects and manned space vehicles in a wide range of latitudes and trajectories and bring them back into the required point of the world`s oceans which cover 71 per cent of the globe`s surface. Model displayed on blue plexiglass base made in the shape of ocean wave.There are cleat plexiglass windows on the front fuselage and rear fuselage and wings.Beriev factory logo presented on fuselage as well.Pictures are good enough to provide details and beauty of this exotic and unique model. Questions are welcome.
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