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# fpit099 STS-105/STS-108/ISS-3 flown photo

Photo depicts underwater training of cosmonaut Vladimir Dezhurov in Hydrolaboratory of TSPK (Cosmonaut Training Center). This picture Dezhurov took with him on board STS-105 to the ISS and photo flown back to Earth on STS-108.On board of station Dezhurov cancelled reverse side of photo with three onboard stamps, including small round handstamp of ISS-3 expedition and large round stamp of Russian Segment of the ISS, with a date 23 october, 2001.There is also black ink stamp of Russian Section of the ISS and signature of Dezhurov below. On front side he handnotared photo FLOWN ISS-3, STS-105, STS-107 (by mistake 107, as originally 108) and signed.
 # fpit099            STS-105/STS-108/ISS-3 flown photo 1
 # fpit099            STS-105/STS-108/ISS-3 flown photo 2

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