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# vstk099 Vostok-5 Valeriy Bykovsky

5.5 x 7.5` photo signed by fifth Soviet cosmonaut Valeriy Bykovsky and notared by him VOSTOK-5.V.BYKOVSKY.This unique picture depicting Valeriy Fyodorovich Bykovsky in his first flight Vostok space suit received from him in person in Star City, september 2003 (on second image together with Bykovsky). Cosmonaut flew three space missions.After legendary Vostok-5 flight Bykovsky was a commander of Soyuz-22 mission and commander of Intercosmos flight USSR-East Germany (Soyuz-31/29/Salyut-6). During his joint flight with first woman cosmonaut Tereshkova (Vostok-6) Bykovsky spent nearly 5 days in space and Tereshkova almost three days.It was a joint flight of last two Vostok, which marked the first stage in the development of manned, Earth orbiting spacecraft. Price of photo-*Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*.Please check availability prior ordering.
 # vstk099            Vostok-5 Valeriy Bykovsky 1
 # vstk099            Vostok-5 Valeriy Bykovsky 2

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