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# sm090 Soyuz TM

11 x 9 inches metal exclusive hand made at Energia Space Corporation model (result of over 2 months of work) of famous Soviet/Russian manned space ship Soyuz TM. First manned ship flown to MIR by AF colonel Yuri Romanenko in 1987, when Romanenko set a single-mission record of 326.5 days in space. Last Soyuz TM (TM-34) flown from ISS by Sergei Zaletin in november 2002. Soyuz TM ship carried 2-3 cosmonauts on board and cargo 50-130 kg (depends how many cosmonauts onboard). Lenght of original ship 6.98m, diameter-2.72m, span of solar batteries-10.7 m. Available only one model.Please check availability prior ordering.
 # sm090            Soyuz TM 1
 # sm090            Soyuz TM 2
 # sm090            Soyuz TM 3
 # sm090            Soyuz TM 4

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