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# seapl116 Be-4 (KOR-2) Beriev

Over 9 inches wing span model of Be-4 (KOR-2) originally hand made by Beriev Design Bureau.Same as all Beriev factory models Be-4 custom made from heavy resin-cement heavy material with superior custom finish.Displayed on metal (steel) stand. First Be-4 prototype tested early 1941.Tests included catapulting and armament trials.Two aircraft being tested by pilot Malkov.Many (about 30) unfinished planes were destroyed at Taganrog (on Azov sea) during evacuation.In 1943 production restarted at Krasnoyarsk (Siberia), and small number-100 planes delivered to completion in mid 1945.They served in Naval Aviation, including catapult duties on warships. Price of model-*Availability and price check by e-mail or call.* + s/h.
 # seapl116            Be-4 (KOR-2) Beriev 1
 # seapl116            Be-4 (KOR-2) Beriev 2
 # seapl116            Be-4 (KOR-2) Beriev 3

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