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# sm510 VKA-23 design 1 Myasishchev spaceplane

28 inches lenght hand made one of a kind model of rare Soviet space plane project of famous aerospace designer Myasishchev. Short info on this project:Following the very criticial review of the first M-48 spaceplane design by the expert commission, Myasishchev developed a long range plan. The first stage of the R-7 would be used for preliminary tests. A new launch vehicle would be developed for orbital testing. Myasishchev directed his staff in attacking the questions raised so as to close all of the open issues at the earliest possible date. In addressing the question of the form of the VKA, OKB-23 studied many variants, including Taganov rings, extendible shields, Rogallo wings, and the use of vertical landing. Various kinds of construction and heat shield materials were examined, as were the methods of integrating the shielding materials to the structure of the vehicle. Liquid metal cooling was considered in addition to passive thermal protection systems. New propellants were examined for the rocket engine, including hydrogen and fluorine oxidisers. A great deal of technical effort was spent on the encapsulated ejection seat system, the mass of which, including parachute, could not exceed 160 kg with exterior dimensions of 0.8 m x 1.8 m. The seat would have to accelerate at 25 G from the vehicle, operate at temperatures of -40 degrees C to +50 degrees C, from sea level to vacuum conditions. The seat had to ensure the safety of the pilot, ejecting him within 2 seconds after initiation through a hatch of 1.0 m diameter. Price of the model-*Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*.Please check availability prior ordering.
 # sm510            VKA-23 design 1 Myasishchev spaceplane 1
 # sm510            VKA-23 design 1 Myasishchev spaceplane 2
 # sm510            VKA-23 design 1 Myasishchev spaceplane 3

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