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# astp099 Navigation in ASTP flight signed-notared book

1978 hard cover book published by `Science` publishing house only 1850 copies for professionals (no public distribution) technical book NAVIGATION IN JOINT FLIGHT OF SPACECRAFT SOYUZ AND APOLLO written by I.Bazhinov and V.Yastrebov was presented by autors to Chief of Ballistics division of Soviet Spaceflight Control center V.I.Okoryachenko.Book autographed by both autors and inscribed `To Vladimir Ilych Okoryachenko for good memory on joint works in program ASTP. With respect from autors (signed) 27 June, 1978`Autors of this book professor I.Bazhinov and doctor of technical science V.Yastrebov are organizers and executives (heads) of navigation of ASTP flight.Book published under supervision of Academician and famous Soviet space designer B.Petrov, who was a Chairman of Intercosmos Council at that time.Book also signed by cosmonaut Anatoliy Berezovoy who delivered this piece of collectible to myself from Okoryachenko. Book is dedicated to questions of navigation of spacecraft Soyuz and Apollo.This is a technical book and unique and interesting subject for collectors of ASTP memorabilia. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*. Please check availability prior ordering.
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 # astp099            Navigation in ASTP flight signed-notared book 2

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