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# mp109 Mikoyan Mig-15

11 inches lenght very sharp resin/metal custom made model of Mikoyan Mig-15. One of most famous aircraft of all time, this simple fighter was not only traumatic shock to Western intelligence when encountered in combat in Korea in November 1950 but also marked first occasion on wich speed of design and development bettered that of any Western rival. Model has undercarriage, simulated `burned metal` guns, metal landing gears, very sharp and detailed fuselage and wings.Can be displayed on own wheels or on chrome stand (by request) with engraved MIG logo). Available Mig-15 in range *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*-300 (different models).
 # mp109            Mikoyan Mig-15 1
 # mp109            Mikoyan Mig-15 2
 # mp109            Mikoyan Mig-15 3
 # mp109            Mikoyan Mig-15 4
 # mp109            Mikoyan Mig-15 5

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