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# sm182 Luna-16 station metal exclusive model

Custom hand made from metal model of Lavochkin Research and Production Association-design bureau developed special automated station Luna-16, wich collected Lunar soild samples and delivered them to Earth. This exclusive was made by Lavochkin Design Bureau for Soviet space museums.One of few models made has a relatively old age-over 20 years. Along with Luna-17 this model is most complicate in collection. Luna-16 was launched on September 12, 1970 and became a `First Moon Geologist` delivered first Moon soil automatically. It considered landing module, with a soil sampler, and carried an Earth-return rocket topped by a recoverable module.The procedure called for choosing the sample area, drilling the soil and gathering the material within the hollow drill core into a container to be sealed.A manipulator with four degrees of freedom guided the drill. Two unstowed the drill to the surface operating position.The other two tok soil samples and put them into a container.The automatic system for lunar lift-off of the sample-bearing rocket deserves mention.It recorded guidance and engine data from Flight Control Center for use during the lunar lift-off. Please check availability and price of model by e-mail or call.
 # sm182            Luna-16 station metal exclusive model 1
 # sm182            Luna-16 station metal exclusive model 2
 # sm182            Luna-16 station metal exclusive model 3

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