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# sm123 Sputnik-3

Sputnik-3 ashtray model 7` tall. A 3` model riding a straight CCCP banner above an ashtray wich is dated 15.V.1958. (engraved date shows when Sputnik-3 was launched).Metal made.Sharp. From history of this important third Soviet artificular satellite: Inspired by successes of Sputnik-1 and 2, Korolev`s design bureau and the other organizations were preparing Sputnik-3, far more sophisticated than first two.Its payload was a dozen scientific instruments.On May 15, 1958 Sputnik-3 was orbited with mass 2919 lb of wich 2130 lb was instruments and power supplies. Having many missions it was the world`s first space research station- laboratory on orbit, wich returned geophysical and space physics data for nearly a year. Price check by e-mail or call.
 # sm123            Sputnik-3 1
 # sm123            Sputnik-3 2

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