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# cb200 18 autographs in book `Bridge to Cosmos`

1976 limited edition 35000 copies published in Soviet Union hard cover (720 pp) book `Bridge in Cosmos` owned by Cosmodrome Baikonur Launch Team officier-Rocketery Colonel Alexander Boltenko.During his service in mid-late 70-s he gave this book for autographs to friends-cosmonauts flown from Baikonur at this period and worked there with teams as instructors.On first page book autographed by USSR-Bulgaria Intercosmos team cosmonauts Nikolai Rukavishnikov and Georgi Ivanov (Bulgaria), Soyuz-32 team cosmonauts Vladimir Lyakhov and Valeriy Ryumin.Also front page signed cosmonauts Yuri Aryukhin, Gennadiy Sarafanov, Yuri Glazkov. On page 66 next to portrait of Vostok-2 cosmonaut Gherman Titov signed and notared book with greeting to Colonel Boltenko `To Alexander Sergeyevich Boltenko With Best Wishes! Titov 24.02.79`.On next pages of this book near portraits this book signed by Vostok-3/Soyuz-9 Andrian Nikolayev, Voskhod-2/Soyuz-19 Alexei Leonov, Soyuz-4,8,10 cosmonaut Vladimir Shatalov, Soyuz-5/21 cosmonaut Boris Volynov and cosmonauts Rukavishnikov, Artyukhin and Sarafanov signed in addition pages with their portraits as well.On front page Colonel Boltenko cancelled this book with Cosmonautics Day handstamp on 12 April, 1979. This magnificient book covers Soviet space exploration from its very beginning and up to First International flight Soyuz-Apollo.From cosmonauts autographed this book no longer alive Gherman Titov, Yuri Artyukhin, Nikolai Rukavishnikov. This is definately serious piece of collectible. Please contact for availability and price check.
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