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# sm500 MTKVA reusable manned spacecraft

Hand made model of developed in former USSR reusable manned spacecraft with analogous tactical-technical characteristics.1974 design of MTKVA created by OKB-1 (wich develped Soyuz capsule) was an unwinged spacecraft, consisting of a crew cabin the forward conical section, a cylindrical payload section, and a final cylindrical section with the engines for manoeuvring in orbit.MTKVA would be launched by the Vulkan launch vehicle into orbit., and after completing its mission undertake a controlled re-entry, using a hypersonic lift-to-drag ratio of 1.0 to make wide cross-range manoeuvres for recovery on Soviet territory from almost any orbit.The MTKVA would glide to the landing zone at low subsonic speed.The final landing manoeuvre would use parachutes for initial braking, followed by a soft vertical landing on skid gear using retrorockets. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*
 # sm500            MTKVA reusable manned spacecraft 1
 # sm500            MTKVA reusable manned spacecraft 2

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