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# ip088 Il-76TD Waterbomber fire-killer

14 inches wing span custom hand made by Ilyushin resin model of IL-76TD WATERBOMBER "Sigizmund Levanevskiy"(named in honor of famous Soviet Arctic pilot), one of aircraft of MCHS-Emercom (The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters). On this exclusive level model presented hand made graphic, as original aircraft has, extremely detailed body. Price of this model-*Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*.Info on IL-76TD: World`s Fastest, Longest-range,Highest-Volume,Air-Tanker.For fire fighting and ocean oil spill dispersal on (e.g.) chemicals plants in upset conditions, it comes outfitted with a twin-tank system capable of carrying either 100,000 or 135,000 pounds of liquid and can be filled and ready for take off in 15 minutes.In its smaller 100,000 pound version, this patented system is capable of depositing more than 3,608-3,937 ft x 263-295 ft of liquid in one 8-10 second pass-water only-and one 15-20 second pass with foam additive.This is up to five (5) times greater than the volume deliverable by the largest-volume `water bomber` commonly used in the world today (source:actual observed data from Australian test). Other Il-76 uses without the liquids tank system will include cargo carriage of up to 50 tons of relief supplies. The IL-76, unlike all other fire-fighting aircraft in current use (except Russian Be-200 sea plane fire-killer), is a turbo-fan jet.This heavy-lift aircraft widely in use globally in civilian, military and disaster mitigation operations. Capabilities give this remarkable aircraft considerable advantages over all other fire-fighting planes.Tanker capabilities of Il-76 are 11000 gallons of water carrying with cruise speed 400 kts, while C-130 Hercules regulary in use in fire fighting able to carry only 3000 gallons with 250 kts speed.KC-97 (4500 gal, 210 kts). Martin Mars (7200 gal, 165 kts), but only 2 of these aircraft left in existance. Additional info on this amazing aircraft can be requested and also can be viewed on Emercom, Global Emergency Response sites. First 4 images depict actual Il-76TD model.Fifth image is a photo of Il-76 during NATO exercises.
 # ip088            Il-76TD Waterbomber fire-killer 1
 # ip088            Il-76TD Waterbomber fire-killer 2
 # ip088            Il-76TD Waterbomber fire-killer 3
 # ip088            Il-76TD Waterbomber fire-killer 4
 # ip088            Il-76TD Waterbomber fire-killer 5

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