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# tp150 Tupolev-14 `Bosun` (Tu-79,TU-81,TU-89)

Tupolev-14 (TU-14T, suffix indicating primary role as torpedo carrier) custom hand made detailed model displayed on rubber landing gears. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.* This aircraft is also known in different variants as Tu-79, Tu-81, Tu-89.Total 89 planes built by GAZ-125 Irkutsk, where Sukhoi sent as director of programme.Factory pleased (42 planes delivered a year from start in 1949) and aircraft popular in service, 1952-1962.Batch of 50 supplied 1958-1959 to China.Single Tu-89 tested as prototype of Tu-14R recon version. This is an interesting piece for collectors of aircraft of Cold War period. Only one available.Please check availability prior ordering.
 # tp150            Tupolev-14 `Bosun` (Tu-79,TU-81,TU-89) 1
 # tp150            Tupolev-14 `Bosun` (Tu-79,TU-81,TU-89) 2

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