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# zhopa041 Yak-141 VTOL

Miniature hand made in scale 1/200 Yak-141.Base of model made in shape of airctraft carrier deck.Questions are welcome
The Yak-141 is the world`s first supersonic VTOL fighter. It operates with lift engines in the forward fuselage and a vectoring nozzle on the main engine, placed well forward, between twin tail booms. The Yak-141 seems to be more a technology demonstrator than an actual fighter aircraft, and the need to use afterburner for take-off is a distinct problem. Development is continuing, after being halted temporarily.
 # zhopa041            Yak-141 VTOL 1
 # zhopa041            Yak-141 VTOL 2
 # zhopa041            Yak-141 VTOL 3

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