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# zhopa256 An-180 airliner project

1/200 scale Antonov Design Bureau model of World`s first uncompromised twin-propfan passenger transport.Project begun in still Soviet period-1990.According Chief designer of bureau-Balabuyev `Design for ultimate efficiency, an airliner for people, seating 163 to 180 2+2+2 with twin aisles. Engines as on An-70T.Prototype hoped to be in Paris in 1995, but works were frozen so far and prototype is still unbuild. Original model was hand made at Antonov Design Bureau still during Soviet period in 1990 when works on plane started.On fuselage can be noticed Soviet (CCCP) registration numbers and Aeroflot-Soviet Airlines insignia under front door of plane.Same time advertising brochures were issued by Antonov factory for potential customers of still unbuilt plane.This brochure included into price of model-*Availability and price check by e-mail or call.* Tractor SICH (Stupino) props with 8/6 scimitar reversing blades with elec deicing. Originaly plane displayed on the wheels as pictured.Stand with engraved logo of Antonov factory can be purchased separately. Available only one model.Please check availability prior ordering.
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