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# cwa101 Salyut-7 rescue cosmonaut Savinykh book

Moscow 2002 published high quality print(Only 2000 copies limited edition was published.), hard cover, 238 pp book, written by Viktor Savinykh, Hero of Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, Dr.Sc.(Eng), professor, presents excerpts from diaries he kept during flights at the space stations Salyut-6 and Salyut-7, records of his talks with the Mission control center during most crucial periods of the DEAD station revival, as well as information about the expedition on board the MIR orbital complex.Description of some events from the autor`s childhood and youth will allow one to comprehend stages of V.Savinykh spititual growing up, his way to the space future. Readers will get acquainted with reminiscences of designer-general V.Glushko, head of the government commmission K.Kerimov, academician B.Chertok, flight dispatcher V.Ryumin, cosmonaut`s wife L.Savinykh.Letters from colleagues and friends delivered to the station are also presented. Book contains 96 unique photographs from Savinykh family archives, including pictures of Savinykh during all periods of his life and cosmonaut work.Several of the pictures taken on board of space stations Salyut-6, Salyut-7 and MIR during his work aboard, including photographs taken during period of rescue of dead Salyut-7 station (Soyuz T-13 flight). Name of the Book VYATKA-BAIKONUR-COSMOS.Entire life of Savinykh from Vyatka (birthplace in Russia) in this book, including first book of cosmonaut DIARIES FROM A DEAD STATION. On first page Viktor Savinykh signed and notared book in English by my request (intended for serious collectors and students of Cosmonautics history)- and it makes this book also an interesting collectible item.Additional images depict pictures of Viktor Savinykh with this book taken in his office and my house as well. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*.Please check availability prior ordering.
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