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# fpit200 Soyuz-12 Lazarev-Makarov flown photo

7.5 x 6 ` photo depicted cosmonauts Vasiliy Lazarev and Oleg Makarov during pre flight training for Soyuz-12 mission followed Soyuz-11 accident on redesigned spaceship. Commander of mission Vasiliy Lazarev took this photo with him on board and hand notared `Soyuz-12, 28.09.73` and signed in second day of mission.Next to his signature board engineer Oleg Makarov signed this photo on board as well.Mission held two-days.Lazarev and Makarov became the first cosmonauts since 1965 to wear spacesuits in flight. This unique item came directly from cosmonaut Lazarev family archives.Vasiliy Lazarev died of an ilness in 1990.Subjects from his flight are extremely unique and rare.
 # fpit200            Soyuz-12 Lazarev-Makarov flown photo 1

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