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# yp098 Yak-50 Interceptor

Yak-50 Interceptor hand made model 30 cm lenght.

A February 21,1949 Government order requested the Yakovlev OKB to design a lightweight interceptor capable of Match0.97 at 4,000 m (13,000 ft) and utilizing the Klimov VK-1 engine which first appeared on Mig-15 and MIG-17 fighters. The new aircraft flew in July 1949, becoming supersonic (Mach 1.03 at 10,000 m (33,000 ft)) in a shallow dive during one of the test flights. Yak-50 was delivered for government testing in June of 1950.In the course of the evaluation, the aircraft was commended for excellent performance.Ultimately, upgraded Mig-17 was selected over Yak-50. Superior performance of the Yak was achieved at the expense of fuel capacity and the advantage was considered insufficient to justify producing two very different airplanes with the same engine.

 # yp098 Yak-50 Interceptor 1
 # yp098 Yak-50 Interceptor 2
 # yp098 Yak-50 Interceptor 3
 # yp098 Yak-50 Interceptor 4
 # yp098 Yak-50 Interceptor 5

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