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# ci278 Valeriy Tokarev in LA

July 30,2005.West Hills, California.Soviet-Russian Test Pilot and Cosmonaut Valeriy Tokarev just accepted designed by me patches for next Soyuz-ISS flight and soon we will see Valeriy flying Soyuz TMA-7, which will be Sixth and final Soyuz flight to ISS carrying American astronauts while Shuttles grounded for 2.5 years since Columbia accident.
Valeriy will go to the ISS with his friend and partner NASA astronaut Bill McArthur and third seat in Soyuz will be taken by American space tourist Greg Olsen.
Some photographs, taken by me during Valeriy`s visit depict him with Samuel and Grisha Panchenko (in our Encino house) and pictures of Valeriy in training suit were taken in West Hills house July 30.
Soon cosmonaut leaves United States to continue final stages of preparation to mission. For experienced Russian Air Forces First Class Test Pilot it will be a second travel to space after STS-96 Discovery flight, when shuttle delivered supply in preparation of first ISS-1 expedition.Valeriy will replace on board ISS Sergei Krikalev and will serve as flight engineer of ISS-12.
Here`s a biographical Data:
VALERY IVANOVICH TOKAREV (COLONEL, RUSSIAN AIR FORCE) TEST COSMONAUT AT THE YURI.A. GAGARIN COSMONAUT TRAINING CENTER PERSONAL DATA: Born October 29, 1952 in the town of Kap-Yar, Astrakhan Region Resides at Star City, Moscow Region. His wife, Irina Nikolaevna (Tokareva), was born February 25, 1955. They have two children: a daughter, Olya, and a son, Ivan. His mother, Lidiya Nikolaevna (Tokareva), lives in the city of Rostov, Yaroslavl Region. His father, Ivan Pavlovich, died in an auto accident in 1972. Valery Tokarev enjoys nature, automobiles, airplanes, tennis and game sports. EDUCATION: In 1973 he graduated form the Stavropol Higher Military Aviation School of pilots and navigators for Anti-Aircraft Defense.In 1982, he graduated from the Test Pilot Training Center (with honors). In 1993 he graduated from Gagarin Military Aviation Academy in Monino.In 1997 he graduated with a Master`s degree in State Administration from the National Economy Academy affiliated with the Russian Federation President`s Administration in Moscow. AWARDS: Awarded the title `Hero of the Russian Federation` as well as other orders and medals of Russia. EXPERIENCE: From 1973 to 1976 Tokarev served in military unites of the Air Force as pilot, senior pilot, flight leader, and deputy flight squadron-leader.In 1981-1982 he studied in the Test Pilot Training Center affiliated with Chkalov State Research Test Institute.He became familiar with 46 types of aircraft and has logged over 3000 flight hours. Tokarev is a 1st Class Air Force Pilot and a 1st Class Test Pilot. Tokarev has gained proficiency and flight experience with 44 types of airplanes and helicopters. He has participated in tests of fourth-generation carrier-based aircraft and vertical/short takeoff and landing jets (SU-27K, Mig-29K, Yak-38M, SU-25UTG), as well as bomber and missile navy fleet jets (SU-24M). In 1987, Valery Tokarev was selected to join the cosmonaut corps to test and fly the Buran spacecraft. Since 1994, he has served as commander of a group of cosmonauts of aerospace systems. Since termination of the Buran program in 1997, Tokarev has been assigned as a test cosmonaut at the Yuri A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. Tokarev flew on STS-96, May 27 to June 6, 1999. During the 10-day mission, the crew of Discovery delivered 4 tons of logistics and supplies to the International Space Station in preparation for the arrival of the first crew to live on the station. The mission was accomplished in 153 Earth orbits, traveling 4 million miles in 235 hours and 13 minutes. From May 1999 Tokarev trained as commander of backup crew for cargo spacecraft changing in the ISS. From August 2001 to march 2003 he trained as flight engineer of the ISS-8 expedition engineer. From March 2003 Tokarev training as commander of the backup crew from Expedition-8 and visiting Expedition-5 crews. During 2004 he trained as ISS flight engineer and commander of Soyuz TMA spacecraft for Expedition-10 to the ISS. Valeriy Tokarev is assigned as flight engineer on the Expedition-12 crew and will fly to the ISS as Soyuz TMA-7 commander in October 2005.
 # ci278            Valeriy Tokarev in LA 1

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