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# ci281 Visit of cosmonaut Sergei Zaletin

Our good old friend Sergei Zaletin visited us with family first week of May 2005.Some of several photos taken during this busy week depict the following:Sergei, myself and our fiend-Holywood producer Robert Weiss; with Sergei during autograph session; Sergei in Nestle school with students of fifth and first grades (Samuel Panchenko`s class); Sergei with Samuel Panchenko aboard Midway Aircarft Carrier Museum in San Diego.

Entire fun day spent in Nestle school meeting children and answering millions of questions about Sergei`s MIR/ ISS flights, living and working in space.Kids had fun to try on hands Sergei`s gloves used by him when he was a commander of last Soyuz flight to MIR and first Soyuz TMA-1 flight to the ISS.Children also had a chance to feel in hands real space tools and hardware used during space flights.Of course it was also interesting for kids to meet real Russian First Class Air Force pilot in Colonel uniform and to hear his flight experience stories.
Some of unique artifacts carried by Sergei on orbit will be available on my site to private collectors and museums.
 # ci281            Visit of cosmonaut Sergei Zaletin 1

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