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# ci285 Happy New Year Congratulation!

Good friend of mine Salizhan Sharipov (Soyuz TMA-5 commander), serving ISS-10 expedition, just sent Happy New Year Congratulation to myself and our good friend Mr.Schrey family.These are private pictures (not for Media release) to show that crew on board ISS are in good spirit and health, well performing planned works, conducting scientific experiments and even have a Holiday Atmoshere around, as most of us have on the Earth during this time of the year.
This was vey unusual way of Happy New Year greeting I ever received, because it was from Out Of This World.
And from myself and family, from all our friends will be sent Happy New Year and Best Wishes message to Salizhan and Leroy on board space station.

December 10. TV stations in Russia, USA and other countries annouced that ISS-10 crew may have to return to Earth within two weeks due the short food supply on board space station.Yes, there is a short supply of food left and reason of it was extended stay of previous team, and unexpected EVA`s of G.Padalka and M.Fincke (result of loosing a lot of weight).But arrival of Russian Progress cargo ship with containers of American and Russian food on board (ship arrival planned on December 26) will close the question.In any case, official report of Russian Space Agency tells that there is enough food on board station till mid of January 2005.
And it is not likely that there will be early return of team from orbit.
 # ci285            Happy New Year Congratulation! 1

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