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# ci286 Space Forces cosmonaut Y.Shargin on ISS

First day aboard International Space Station for Russian Space Forces cosmonaut Yuri Shargin.
Yuri holds the page with typed THANKS for Soyuz TMA-5 crew patch.This is a private picture (not to media release) and cannot be used without permission.
Custom made wire crew patch and Russian Federation flag patches I've provided for team to be used in this joint Russia-USA mission.Official Soyuz TMA-5 emblem (patch) depicts Soyuz TMA spaceship with pannels representing National Russian-American flags, space view outside craft window and names of TMA-5 team cosmonauts.

The top cosmonaut of Russia's Space Deffence Troops, Lieutenant-colonel Yuri Shargin became a first Russian Space Forces(Strategic Rocket Forces) cosmonaut. He made a two-day spaceflight with ISS-10 Expedition crew Chiao-Sharipov on board Soyuz TMA-5, spending eight days aboard station performing science experiments.And returned back to Earth on board Soyuz TMA-5 with Soyuz/ISS-9 commander G.Padalka and astronaut Mike Fincke in October, 2004.

The mission of the Soyuz TMA-5 to the ISS in the fall of 2004, was originally intended to be a routine exchange of a rescue Soyuz vehicle onboard the outpost.The so-called 'taxi crew', would fly ship to the station, spend a week onboard and then return back in previous Soyuz TMA-4 craft.
However, the Columbia acident in february 2003 and resulting grounding of the Shuttle fleet left Russia as a main CARE TAKER of the station and the SOYUZ as the only vehicle capable of rotating crews onboard the outpost.
The Soyuz TMA-5 mission was assigned to deliver the 10th long-duration crew to the ISS and became the fifth Russian vehicle used for such purpose in the ISS program (the fourth since the loss of the Shuttle and ninth spacecraft from the Soyuz family launched toward the ISS).

On last picture can be noticed limited edition artwork signed prints of famous Soviet cosmonauts Dzhanibekov and Leonov.These unique subjects now delivered to station and displayed next to photographs of Gagarin and Tsiolkovskiy.

And I would like also to add few things told by Yuri from space and on return to journalists:???I would take our politicians up to space so that they realized how fragile life on earth is and how it must be protected,??? quoted Shargin at a press conference. He added that the Earth??™s problems appear very small from space. ???When you see the boundary separating Earth from Space, you understand that all life on the planet is held by this thin covering,??? he said, speaking of the atmosphere. The cosmonaut also described his flight, saying how it was much easier to get accustomed to weightless space than it was coming back to Earth.
 # ci286            Space Forces cosmonaut Y.Shargin on ISS 1

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