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# ci290 Flowers to ISS-9 crew

Can we send flowers to the crew on board station? - questioned my 6 years old Samuel.

And can we say `Happy 46 Birthday! to Gennady` ?

450 kilometers above us is a long distance, but we still can try to send flowers and, of course, you will say `Happy Birthday!`, when we will be talking with Gennady on the phone!You can even play and sing him `Happy Birthday !!!`-I have responded . And we went outside the house on the backyard to take pictures of him with the flowers.

Our pictures with flowers perfectly arrived on board to Gena (Gennady) and Misha (Michael in Russian), and these pictures will remind them home on Earth, all friends and enthusiasts of Space Exploration.

The respond from Gennady to Samuel was a special one.And, of course, it was special for Samuel to see picture of himself on board of station in hands of ISS-9 commander!!!

Happy Birthday to Gena (Gennady) from all of us! (list with names was attached to images with flowers).

And warmest wishes to both Gena and Misha on board.Two great Air Forces pilots, One Russian, One American, serving together on board of International pace Station.
 # ci290            Flowers to ISS-9 crew 1

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