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# ci314 In the house of cosmonaut Alexander Serebrov

As always it`s been a pleasure to see Alexander Serebrov.A cosmonaut,who`s name in Guiness World` Record Book shared a lot of interesting stories from his Salyut-7/MIR flights and, of course, many additional collectible items from him are now in my personal collection and available to collectors.Specially unique subjects from his Soyuz TM-8 flight, when Serebrov first did EVA on Manned Maneuvrable Unit around MIR. Some info on his experience is below: Number of Flights: 4. Total Time: 372.95 days. Number of EVAs: 10. Total EVA Time: 31.63 hours. Comments: . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Serebrov Flight and EVA Log 1982 Aug 19 Flight: Soyuz T-7. Flight Back: Soyuz T-5. Flight Time: 7.91 days. Flight details: Soyuz T-7. 1983 Apr 20 Flight: Soyuz T-8. Flight Back: Soyuz T-8. Flight Time: 2.01 days. Flight details: Soyuz T-8. 1989 Sep 5 Flight: Soyuz TM-8. Flight Back: Soyuz TM-8. Flight Time: 166.29 days. Flight details: Soyuz TM-8. 1990 Jan 8 Flight: EVA Soyuz TM-8-1. EVA Duration: 0.12 days. 1990 Jan 11 Flight: EVA Soyuz TM-8-2. EVA Duration: 0.12 days. 1990 Jan 26 Flight: EVA Soyuz TM-8-3. EVA Duration: 0.13 days. 1990 Feb 1 Flight: EVA Soyuz TM-8-4. EVA Duration: 0.21 days. 1990 Feb 5 Flight: EVA Soyuz TM-8-5. EVA Duration: 0.16 days. 1993 Jul 1 Flight: Soyuz TM-17. Flight Back: Soyuz TM-17. Flight Time: 196.74 days. Flight details: Soyuz TM-17. 1993 Sep 16 Flight: EVA Soyuz TM-17-1. EVA Duration: 0.18 days. 1993 Sep 20 Flight: EVA Soyuz TM-17-2. EVA Duration: 0.13 days. 1993 Sep 28 Flight: EVA Soyuz TM-17-3. EVA Duration: 0.078 days. 1993 Oct 22 Flight: EVA Soyuz TM-17-4. EVA Duration: 0.026 days. 1993 Oct 29 Flight: EVA Soyuz TM-17-5. EVA Duration: 0.17 days.
 # ci314            In the house of cosmonaut Alexander Serebrov 1

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