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# ci305 With Buran and Soyuz T-12/Salyut-7 cosmonaut Igor Volk

Always a great honor to have meetings with Igor Volk.Nick name is Red Wolf-one of most distinguished pilots, performed during his career hundreds of dead-stick landings in all kinds of weather and all kinds of aircraft, sometimes in direct defiance of his superior`s orders.He never ejected from or lost an airplane.His experience of flying more than 120 types of aircraft made him the leading candidate to test fly the Buran to evaluate how it glided, approached, flared, landed and rolled out. Volk is the 11th person to be awarded the Revoredo Trophy for outstanding contributions to aviation. A ruddy, affable, and articulate man, he is still ready and willing at age 65 to continue his carrier as a test pilot. His space flight Soyuz T-12 to Salyut-7 station was along with Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Svetlana Savitskaya july 1984.Volk piloted station while Savitskaya did here famous space walk with Dzhanibekov testing welding equipment. A number of unique materials from Igor Volk space flight and Buran flights were shared during our meetings and some of them are available for collectors.
 # ci305            With Buran and Soyuz T-12/Salyut-7 cosmonaut Igor Volk 1

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