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# ic380 With cosmonauts A.Serebrov and S.Krikalev

Photos of 1999-2001 period with Alexander Serebrov and Sergei Krikalev.Sergei did car was of his Chevy.And with Alexander we`ve discussed flown on board of his missions items.Serebrov`s name is in Guiness world`s record book for biggest number of space walks performed in 2 flights.He flown total 4 space missions.Two on Salyut-7 station (Soyuz T-7 and Soyuz T-8) and two long duration flights on MIR station (Soyuz TM-8 flight held more than 166 days and Soyuz TM-17 flight 197 days).In his Soyuz TM-8 flight Alexander did First EVA on MMU (Manned Maneuvrable Unit).Doctor of science cosmonaut Serebrov is a President of National Association `VAKO-Soyuz`.
 # ic380            With cosmonauts A.Serebrov and S.Krikalev 1

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