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# hm097 Mi-10 Mil heavy lift helicopter

13 inches lenght one of a kind exclusive model of Mil-10 helicopter.Please check availability prior ordering.
Probably the Mil Mi-10 is not only the slimmest (and perhaps most elegant) of the heavy lifters designed by Mil, it most certainly is also the rarest of the big helicopters. Production details are still quite sketchy, but it is estimated that only about 55 Mil Mi-10 and Mil Mi-10K have been built between 1960 and 1977. It has been developed from the Mil Mi-6, with which it shares its power plant and the rotor. The Mi-10 was produced in two versions. The initial version is the Mi-10 which features a high four-legged landing gear which allows the helicopter to carry a standard-sized overseas container underneath the fuselage. The nicknaming of the craft as `Flying Crane` by many aviation publications was the logical consequence of this design. The latter, second version is the Mi-10K. It differs from the original version by having a shorter landing gear. In addition, an observers cabin has been installed beneath the cabin. From this post, a second pilot can handle the helicopter, e.g. during landings in difficult terrain or when positioning over a load to be picked up. A small number of Mi-10s are still listed with carriers in Siberia, although chances to see one of the few survivors in operation can only be called minimal.
 # hm097            Mi-10 Mil heavy lift helicopter 1
 # hm097            Mi-10 Mil heavy lift helicopter 2
 # hm097            Mi-10 Mil heavy lift helicopter 3
 # hm097            Mi-10 Mil heavy lift helicopter 4

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