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# ep159 S-90-8 Sukhoi WIG project

14 and 1/4 inches lenght exclusive model of Sukhoi Design Bureau of latest representative of WIG (Ekranoplane) vehicle family. The S-90-8 is a high speed passenger craft intended for carrying 8 passengers over a water surface on short-haul routes.Original design has perfect aerodynamic and engineering solutions, an optimized powerplant based on Czech-built M601 series produced engine, and advanced on-board equipment. Aerodynamically, the S-90-8 is a two-fuselage craft of conventional aerodynamic configuration with a center-wing section aranged between the fuselages. An engine nacelle housing the M-601 turboprop engine with 4 blades.The engine is rated at 740 h/p (551 KW). Size of original plane 11.7 meters (38.38 ft), wingspan-49.53 ft (15.1 m). Only one model from Sukhoi is available. Details check by e-mail or call.
 # ep159            S-90-8 Sukhoi WIG project 1
 # ep159            S-90-8 Sukhoi WIG project 2
 # ep159            S-90-8 Sukhoi WIG project 3

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