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# seapl131 Be-200 model (needs repair-reduced price)

13.5 inches wing span original Beriev Aircraft Company model of new amphibious firekiller Be-200.Model hand made by Beriev Design Bureau (world`s largest producer of sea planes) in early 90-s- before first Be-200 prototype built and flown and there were two variants of these models (see white/red model listed below as well).Originally built Be-200 aircraft have different colour markings and actual model is a first presentation of now famous Be-200 Firekiller. While designing Be-200 amphibian aircraft, the designers took into account the design experience and test results of the biggest jet amphibian A-40 Albatros which set 140 world records. A particular feature of the Be-200 aircraft, when compared with other amphibians, is that it has fully pressurized fuselage,which allows to fulfill a lot of missions. The basic configuration of the Be-200 is intended for firefighting the forest fires using the fire extinguishing fluids.While doing this, the aircraft can fulfill the following tasks: -stop and restrain the spread of the big forest fires by developing the protecting strip due to multiple drops of the fire edge; -extinguishing the small fire and fire which only strats to develope; -delivery of fire brigades and equipment to the fire region by landing on preselected water area or airfield, and return to the base. Aircraft is fitted with flight navigation and communication equipment allowing the navigation and flight control at all flight phases in adverse weather conditions at any season, day and night. Apart from the basic purpose Be-200 used for mpassenger and cargo transportation, patrol, rescue of the shipwrecked, emergency medical aid rendering and ecological tasks.This is a very first model of Be-200 made before original plane built (note the wing ends)Painted large Rossiya (Russia) on the fuselage-note it is different to original built aicraft.Plane made from heavy resin-cement composite with metal parts and metal stand.Same as all Beriev models Be-200 has super quality paint finish. Model includes 4 pages Beriev Design Bureau brochure with detailed charagteristic of this aircraft in English and Russian. Available new model in perfect condition and also model received damage and restored (needs additional light cosmetic repair) at reduced cost-*Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*.Please contact for details.
 # seapl131            Be-200 model (needs repair-reduced price) 1
 # seapl131            Be-200 model (needs repair-reduced price) 2
 # seapl131            Be-200 model (needs repair-reduced price) 3
 # seapl131            Be-200 model (needs repair-reduced price) 4

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